Vote House

This is another trial puzzle. The clues for this Tamil puzzle are in English . Your responses however will be in Thamizh . I would like to get a feedback on this, not just the solved response I feel I have benefitted from the feedback on Dotless

வோட் ஹௌஸ்

This is a web based solver for Tamil crosswords that lets you directly type Tamil characters using an English keyboard. For example, for "புதிர்", type "puthir". You click on a cell to highlight the word. If a cell is part of both across and down clues, when you click again, it toggles the highlighting. Play with it and send your feedback to puthirmayamgmailcom.

1.Ruins,thunder,sing and toddy (6)
5.Endless AyOdhyaa hero with his prefixed dynasty covering a good part of Koran(4)
6. gossip rhyming tethering rope (3,3)
7.Look as you come with no consonant without touching terra firma (3)
8. Where Bharathi wanted us to build temples (4,3)
11.Monkey with traditional fake letter,sometimes in Hindhi (2)
12.reverse pollutant,endless tune make it mediocre(adverb) (4)
14.unfinished king of mountain country to join (2)
15.Worker demon centreless flowered instant (2,3)
16.Icy abode of Siva in Himalayas in part a tune,and part sapling (5)

1.Short of a freebee, PanchaapakEsan gets stuffed inpillows (4,3)
2.Till the 40s lactic dot on the walls was an account keeping for fluid door supplies (2,3)
3.Circumscribed by bird, roll on the groung upside down (3)
4.'Equality colony' ,a housing project has a smart child,half a world and a liquor (5,3)
7.Endless snake may explode, cure or grow tall in English
9.appropriate adjective less consonant is approproate adverb (2)
10.What one is blessed with is 3/4 ths mad preceded by centre of bridge (4) ( uncommon word)
13.Virgin mother enclosing half a dove , will it not change?(3) half with 2/3 rd money. you can control a horse(3)
15.Partly flowered Hindi demon is also a vote house (2)
Transliteration scheme:
உயிர்a : அ|aa, A : ஆ|i : இ|ee,I : ஈ|u : உ|oo,U : ஊ|e : எ|ae, E : ஏ|ai : ஐ|o : ஒ|oa,O : ஓ|au : ஔ|
மெய்k,kh,g : க்|ng,nG : ங்|c,ch,s : ச்|nj,nY : ஞ்|d,t : ட்|N : ண்|dh,th : த்|n-,nt : ந்|b,bh,p : ப்|m : ம்|y : ய்|r : ர்|l : ல்|v,w : வ்|z,zh : ழ்|L : ள்|R : ற்|n : ன்|j : ஜ்|sh : ஷ்|S : ஸ்|h : ஹ்|
உயிர்மெய் (மாதிரி)ka : க|kaa,kA : கா|ki : கி|kee, kI : கீ|ku : கு|koo,kU : கூ|ke : கெ|kae,kE : கே|kai : கை|ko : கொ|koa,kO : கோ|kau : கௌ|k: க்|
ஆய்தம்H : ஃ
நகல் அனுப்புக

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