the clues in this tamil puzzle are in english . The answers have to be in Tamil . Don't take this too seriously


This is a web based solver for Tamil crosswords that lets you directly type Tamil characters using an English keyboard. For example, for "புதிர்", type "puthir". You click on a cell to highlight the word. If a cell is part of both across and down clues, when you click again, it toggles the highlighting. Play with it and send your feedback to puthirmayamgmailcom.

1.special feature combining syrup and a great part of dynasty (7)
5.Like incomplete pollen (2)
6come instant full of fragrance (2,3).
7. a slang bird and nest may spread (4,3)
9.three fourths of a hoof may hold water and fish (3)
10.unfinished polio is not quite genuine (2)
12.the land Bharathi asked holding the sixth note may hang upto the shoulders (3)
13.Maayavan's maNNadi is endless . It can change into all-colours(3,5)

1. Without silambam transforms into where siva likes to dance (7)
2.multiple-goods may include salt,tamarind and chillies (2,4)
3.Real sattuvam includes this. Let it slide (6)
4.Konch with la,an eye, lean without middle make the sound of anklets (4,2)
8.Dotless Google dying. The combine changed to become garbageful (5)
10.Go, pointless air, you are a not-going-one(4)
11.unfinished good virtue includes Kamal's mad movie(maimed) (1,2)
12.Endless song is forest related; endless forest is song related (2)
Transliteration scheme:
உயிர்a : அ|aa, A : ஆ|i : இ|ee,I : ஈ|u : உ|oo,U : ஊ|e : எ|ae, E : ஏ|ai : ஐ|o : ஒ|oa,O : ஓ|au : ஔ|
மெய்k,kh,g : க்|ng,nG : ங்|c,ch,s : ச்|nj,nY : ஞ்|d,t : ட்|N : ண்|dh,th : த்|n-,nt : ந்|b,bh,p : ப்|m : ம்|y : ய்|r : ர்|l : ல்|v,w : வ்|z,zh : ழ்|L : ள்|R : ற்|n : ன்|j : ஜ்|sh : ஷ்|S : ஸ்|h : ஹ்|
உயிர்மெய் (மாதிரி)ka : க|kaa,kA : கா|ki : கி|kee, kI : கீ|ku : கு|koo,kU : கூ|ke : கெ|kae,kE : கே|kai : கை|ko : கொ|koa,kO : கோ|kau : கௌ|k: க்|
ஆய்தம்H : ஃ
நகல் அனுப்புக

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